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Categorising objects into groups based on their different characteristics. This helps with decision-making skills while selecting objects and pictures. This also helps with creativity and imagination as children decide how to create and decorate their scrapbook

Step-by-step instructions for other teachers

The child picks a topic/theme that they are interested in and want to share with others. Help our child make a scrapbook from recycled paper or an empty notebook.

Find objects or pictures that relate to the chosen topic/theme in newspapers or magazines.
- Examples of objects: feathers, leaves, stones, items around the house or community that can be glued into the scrapbook
- Examples of pictures: from newspaper, magazines, old books, or brochures

Cut out the pictures and glue the objects and pictures into the scrapbook.

Decorate the pages, e.g., draw designs and pictures, add words or phrases. Talk about the items in the scrapbook and why your child selected these items.

Encourage your child to show their scrapbook to friends, neighbours and family.

The child can write their name on the cover page of the scrapbook for ownership of the work.

What kind of results to expect?


This has been a practice provided by Learning Play Kit by Tucheze Kujifunza. We look forward to hearing from you how this practice worked out in your classroom!

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