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in Literacy


The students use English language tree as a reminder of their progress such away every tree branch has a meaning in learning the language (first branch means Nouns and pronouns). The English language tree comprises seven branches which carry linguistic skills.

Step-by-step instructions for other teachers

Students attend to the prepared room for instructions and then use their time according to the timetable to attend the special room for review and finally the teacher provides permission if any in case of adding branch to the English language Tree.

English language tree consists seven branches where by each branch carries the meaning.

student allowed to grow branch once he/she masters linguistic skills which the branch contains like the first branch involves nouns and pronouns.

student allowed to grow branch by visiting special prepared room which different materials placed in order to learn and master the contents concerning with a respect branch through the aid of teacher and individual effort.

finally student will be allowed to possess full tree with seven branches after mastering all linguistic skills found within the tree branches and this will be done under supervision of all teachers by ensuring that student has mastered to use and understand the language.

What kind of results to expect?


My students got excited about the tree and processes of growing tree through mastering linguistic skills of using English language. Also students are happy on their trees as they struggle to learn the language so as to see their trees growing. The greet improvement is seen as the students continue interacting using English language as they expect great performance in classes.

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