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Paper Planes

in Arts & Creativity

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Manipulating paper to create different paper planes. This helps with developing and testing children's ideas and the creativity and imagination as children explore different strategies for designing their plane.

Step-by-step instructions for other teachers

Each child takes a piece of paper. Discuss what would make a great paper plane together.

Help each child fold a paper plane. Guide them on how to follow the instructions below.

Try different designs and find out which design flies further.

Decorate the plane and see how different decorations impact how far the plane can fly.

Move out in an open place and try flying out the planes. Find out whose plane flies the farthest or can do tricks and discuss why

What kind of results to expect?


This has been a practice provided by Learning Play Kit by Tucheze Kujifunza. We look forward to hearing from you how this practice worked out in your classroom!

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