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Measuring distance using different objects and comparing and sequencing different distances from smallest to largest. Helps with creativity and imagination.

Step-by-step instructions for other teachers

Make one paper airplane per child. Make sure each child or group is spread out so that they have enough space to throw their airplanes.

Make a visible line on the ground. This is the runway where the children will launch their airplanes.

Children stand behind the line and toss their paper airplanes as far as they can in the same direction.

After the paper plane lands, the children will determine its distance by measuring how far their planes landed from the runway, e.g., how many footsteps.

The distance can be measured using a common object, e.g. ruler/shoes, piece of string.

The plane that lands farthest from the runway wins.

What kind of results to expect?


This has been a practice provided by Learning Play Kit by Tucheze Kujifunza. We look forward to hearing from you how this practice worked out in your classroom!

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