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The Sonko Game

em Literacy

Prática criada por Janat Namatovu
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The sonko game is derived from a Ugandan childhood hop and skip game called Sonko.To play sonko,childern draw a box with different shapes and sizes on the ground .The drawings have provinsions for a dice that is thrown around the box and the child should be able to skip the box that houses the dice. Teachers of Biina Islamic P/S re-imagined the game by enriching it with sounds and words.As the learners hop and skip,they sound and practice using the sound in words and sentences.

Instruções passo a passo para outros professores

Materials needed
Recycled boxes
Wood glue

Put together 3-4 recylced boxes to make one big box.Draw shapes of different sizes on a recycledbox, paint the shapes and write the unique sounds with words and short sentences.

Learners are then asked to randomly throw the dice around the shapes.(Box).The leaners hop around the box avoinding the spot where the dice landed.As they hop,they pronounce and read the word and short sentences.

Que tipo de resultados esperar?


The learners liked the game because it allowed them to learn in a fun and engaging way.The materials are readily available for teachers as well. This game can be played on the ground using charcoal or chalk.

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