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Micro Forest

дар Science

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MICRO FOREST- is a small planted forest (any where from 100 t0 10000 square metres) that maximises trees densities and biodiversity, while reducing atmospheric carbon dioxide and environment restoration. -Emphasize the protection of endemic and indigenous species and the planting of food medicinal, feed, flowering, fruit plant species. -Teachers can also utilize micro forest for classroom learning as a way to connect the learning process to the micro forest, which provide practical learning. -The innovation is purposely to deal with climatic change ( solution for existing climatic change )

Дастурҳои қадам ба қадам барои дигар муаллимон

Land identification, preparation and cultivation of the land, plot delineation (boundaries), plot planning (involves dimensions, topography, the soil, the climate) and positioning of ANCHOR trees in the micro forest.

The whole surface of the soli should be covered with mulch (dry leaves, livestock litter, saw mill dusts, bark chips, wood chips) and putting of water (irrigating the area) so as to keep moist preparing for another step of planting

-Dig cubic hole for anchor trees with 30-60 cm long side and fill with compost or fermented manure mixed with limestone or dolomite powder.
-Dig smaller holes for the other plant species, prepare them in the same manner as the holes of anchor tress

Use only top-quality seedling and make sure they show no any sign of diseases, pests, nutrients deficiency, water stress or kinked tap roots.
Plant food, medicinal, feed, fruits and flowering plants are suggested,

After planting, continue for irrigation process and you may install drip irrigation system.

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An excellent learning opportunity for student/children. Through including topics that are taught using project of micro forest such as classification in Biology, Forest, Environmental issues, soil in Geography and soil in Chemistry. ii. Acts as carbon sinks, absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere which slow down global warming. -Micro forest can sequester any where between one to two kilogram of carbon dioxide per square metres per year representing 10000 to 20000 kilogram of carbon dioxide per hectare pre year.

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