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Crazy Drawings

in Arts & Creativity

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Identifying and naming the common parts of the body of animals.

Step-by-step instructions for other teachers

Children should cut a piece of paper 24 into playing card-sized pieces. Divide the cards into two equal decks.

On each card of deck one, tell the children to write the name of a different animal and on each card of deck two, tell them to write a different body part, such as head, tail, horn, ear, etc.

Put the cards in two decks, facing downwards.

Each child picks a card from each deck. The child should combine the information on the two cards and draw the animal body part in as much detail as possible on large sheet of paper, e.g., card 1 = zebra, card 2 = head – the child draws a zebra head.

The children keep taking turns and add their animal body parts to the ones already drawn on the large piece of paper to create one large hybrid animal.

As the children take their turn and draws the body parts, they should talk about what they are drawing and how the different body parts fit together.

Let them keep taking turns to pick a body part and an animal name until they have finished their crazy creature.

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This has been a practice provided by Learning Play Kit by Tucheze Kujifunza. We look forward to hearing from you how this practice worked out in your classroom!

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